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Samanya Yoga Website Re-design

Skills: Design, Website Creation, Image Sourcing, Social Media

The client wanted a more interactive, visually appealing site with the ‘spirit’ of yoga. We chose a template with a carousel so we could show inspirational images and quotes on the front page and have a simple clean layout for the pages detailing the classes on offer.






“My website needed a redesign to make it both computer and hand-held device friendly as well as updating the look and content.  I met with Sarah a couple of times so she could understand what I wanted in terms of usability, look and feel from the website and decide upon the visuals for the site.  The transformation Sarah at Graphicologie has undertaken is exactly what I needed in every way.  Working with Sarah was a very pleasant experience, she is very efficient and professional.  I will be using Sarah to help with any further website needs as well as social media requirements!”

Karen Wilson, Owner, Samanya Yoga